Rob L. Wagner روب لستر واقنر

Photo Gallery

King Adullah inspects terrorist bomb damage in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The 2005 Municipal elections in Riyadh/AFP photo.

Damaged house in the town of Al-Rass, 220 miles northwest of the Riyadh, where suspected militants were holed up by Saudi security forces. At least 14 militants, including Al-Qaeda commander Saleh al-Oufi, a former police officer who was number four on the most-wanted list, were killed. AFP photo

Saudi security men gather 06 April 2005 in front of a damaged house in the town of Al-Rass, 220 miles ( 355 kilometers ) northwest of the capital Riyadh, where suspected Islamic militants were holed up by Saudi security forces. /Saudi Gazette photo

Mada'in Saleh.

Egyptian child labor: Girl at a carpet loom near Giza/R.L. Wagner photo.

Abdul Aziz Al-Muqrin, leader of the Al-Qaeda cell in Saudi Arabia, was slain by Saudi security forces in 2004.

View from my neigbhorhood of the Dec. 6, 2004, bombing of the U.S. Consultate in Jeddah. Eight people were killed/ AFP photo.

Saudi security officer is killed by militants in Yanbu, 2004.

Aftermath of Riyadh bombing in 2003.

Prayers for Saudi security men slain in 2004.

Suicide bomber in Yanbu, 2004.

Saudis gather in front of the partially destroyed headquarters building of the General Security Services in Riyadh following a car bomb explosion in April 2004.

Victims of the Al-Khobar bombing attack by Al-Qaeda in 2004.

Video grab of Al-Qaeda video detailing the capture of hostage Paul Johnson in 2004.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operative Issa Bin Oshoun.

The body of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia is carried out of the Imam Turki bin Abdullah mosque in Riyadh in August 2005.

Medical personnel survey the dead following a stampede on Jamarat Bridge during Hajj, 2006.

Riyadh's Ministry of Interior building following the December 2004 bombing.

A family in the Al Sweadi District of Riyadh/Saudi Gazette photo

Jeddah Corniche

At Mina during Haj in 2005/AFP photo

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